3 dating challenges short guys

It turns out I worried about nothing because the poses our photographer chose for us worked perfectly!

And in some of our wedding pictures, you can’t even tell.

He weighed in: “Over time, the height difference just becomes more and more natural.

Where it may begin with awkward hugs, it’s just a process of learning to interact with that person just as you would learn to converse with them.

Sometimes in our pictures Josh looks taller than me, and it always happens by accident (or habit).

For a while I worried about things like engagement photos and how those would look with my being taller.

For chrissakes, I'm talking about of us getting laid here!

I got so used to people being a little shorter than me that I stopped noticing. I always let people in on a little secret: I find taller people intimidating simply because I’m not used to it! I’m used to scrunching down in photos to make myself more level with my friends.

We all have to be open to God changing our hearts and perspectives even when it comes to our preferences in a potential spouse.” It’s not worth forsaking a great relationship because you’re worried about what other people might say.

As a disciple of Christ, your worth and your beauty are defined by your identity in Him.

Traditional couples where the husband is taller than his wife are not guaranteed success.

The relationships that last are centered on Christ with a more inward focus on the hearts, not outward appearances.

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