Anderson cooper is dating a latino

Not much is known about Vanna’s real father whose name is Miguel Angel Rosich, except that he was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico and abandoned the family when she was a child.

Fun fact: Rumor has it that one of White's ancestors, whose last name was Barnes, was one of the first mayors of the city of Ponce, Puerto Rico.

is hotter than ever these days and so is its hunky star James Roday.

But while most people know everything there is to know about the quirky show -- a lot of people may not know that Roday -- original "Rodriguez" -- is Mexican-American. "It's certainly not something people are expecting to hear," Roday once told in an interview.

The actor who is also English, Irish and Scottish added that a lot of people "think I'm a White dude.

Every once in a while someone thinks I'm Jewish.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, her mother is Brazilian TV actress Vera Setta, and her father is the Brazilian Record TV News Coordinator, Fernando Baccarin. “My dad is from Buenos Aires and my mom is English” Sonya told last year: “I didn’t grow up [in Argentina], but my parents brought me up bilingual and I traveled back and forth my whole life, so I feel English, but I also feel very Argentine.” Sonya says her favorite Argentinean food includes empanadas, carne and chorizo. but people have a hard time believing that this talented and irreverent comedienne is Latina.We’re proud that this talented performer is part-Latina, and we can only hope that Lea belts out a song in Spanish on FOX’s , but did you know that Trevino is Mexican?“I'm a full-blooded Mexican,” Michael proudly told “My mother was born in Zacatecas, Mexico, and my father—the son of Mexican immigrants—was born near Fresno, California.” Michael’s favorite food? A., and I'll go there and have this Pastor Quesadilla that's to die for!"I feel like over the last couple of years, it's gotten out there a little bit more—it's certainly not anything that I've ever made an effort to hide.But initially upon meeting me it generally comes as quite a shock to people," he said with a laugh.

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