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12) for the aggradational successions of the Paleo-Tiber River deposited in response to sea-level rise during Marine Isotopic Stage (MIS) 5.5, MIS 7.5 and MIS 11 (Epi-Tyrrhenian, Vitinia, and San Paolo Formations).

However, comparison with the RSL curve showed correspondence between this early aggradational phase as well as other minor aggradational phases within the sedimentary successions of the Paleo-Tiber River, with peaks of sea-level rise, demonstrating the high sensibility of this proxy to record even relatively small sea-level fluctuations.

(b) Reconstruction of the erosional/depositional phases during aggradation of the VGF, showing the occurrence of an early aggradational phase coeval with emplacement of TP (I-II-III), followed by a regression coeval with emplacement of TGPP (IV-V) and by a new aggradational phase (VI); reported ages according to this study (see text for detail).Moreover, the ages obtained for this study give us the opportunity to compare the timing of the sea-level fluctuations inferred from the stratigraphic record and that provided by the astrochronologic calibration of the Oxygen isotopic curves, and to assess the calibrations of Assessing ages of sedimentary successions deposited in near-coastal environments in response to sea-level fluctuations is a straightforward mean to investigate the timing of glacio-eustatic cycles and provide insights on their forcing mechanisms.In this light, the coastal plain of the Tiber River near Rome (Fig.To accomplish this, we employed a method relying on the ratio of immobile elements (i.e.Zr/Y vs Nb/Y)By using ages of four selected tephras interbedded within the aggradational succession, we provide independent time constraints with analytical uncertainties on the order of ±2 ka (2σ) on the associated sea-level fluctuations during MIS 13 and on glacial termination VI.

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