Beach dating tips

The fact is, you may well dazzle the girl with your pecs and abs but you are still going to have to use some dynamic conversation to get her laughing.Make your initial contact fairly brief but enough to stir her interest.Certainly you will feel a great deal better about yourself anyway as I know miracles don't happen over night. Whilst amassing body hair as one gets older may be nature's way of keeping us warm, a huge mountain of hair over your shoulders and back simply will not do. It may hurt, but only once every six weeks and girls have their legs waxed all the time so pull your self together.Women generally don't find to attractive so lose it. Gyms often have an area that caters for waxing and if all else fails get your mom or sister (perhaps not your father! It will take a few minutes and make a huge difference to your desirability factor.If she has a friend you may go over with your mate in tow too but that can be a recipe for disaster because if her friend doesn't like your friend, their discomfort will lead to her friend dragging your beach babe away.Sadly, as many guys know, a beach babe is often accompanied by a beached whale. Go for a chat with your sun-creamed damsel and be witty and charming.So put it away and leave the Speedo thongs at home.

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And if you are more worried about your all over tan than she is about hers, forget it. Spot a girl you like who is as clearly available and single as you can gather and then go over for some light conversation and you will need to inject it with some good humor and intelligent observation.Okay so once your body and hair cover are in good shape also consider a tanning salon for 3 sessions if you are pale.Going on the beach and being seen from outer space is not cool and neither do you want to waste a week or two of meeting time getting a tan.Get to a tanning center and a few sessions will ready the skin pigments for more rapid tanning (so I am told so don't sue me! So, now that you are primed lets get down to the beach and meet some babes: First of all, the beach is often full of girls and they are often as bored as everyone else.We can pretend that the beach is a fascinating place and it is when we are looking at people we fancy but just laying in the sand for 10 hour stretches isn't interesting in itself. No, my friend, girls are waiting for you to stroll past and entertain them, even if it's only at third hand.

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