Big penis dating

And, make sure you apply some water-based lube to your vagina or his shaft right before he enters you.That said, the reason you experienced such severe pain with your new man was probably plain old fear.A properly behaved woman that is respectful would never ask such a question.Instead, a woman will date a man perhaps for a few days, weeks or maybe months.Which, in turn, makes it like penis roulette: You never know what you're going to get.

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It is at this time that many women are disappointed with what they find and now they are in an awkward been hiding a dick that's slightly too small to deserve that love.It sounds like the eye-opening encounter of seeing his "huge" member for the first time freaked you out a bit.Anticipating discomfort causes your muscles — even your vaginal ones — to tense up, making penetration more difficult.Move your hips in circular motions as you glide up and down, only going as deep as you can handle. Then simply straddle his lap, either facing toward him or away from him, and use your feet and thigh muscles to pump away.You can also try the missionary, but remember that the more your pelvis is tilted, the deeper the penetration, so none of that feet-over-his-shoulders, pillows under your butt stuff.

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