Buckeey dating lil scrappy is patrick stump still dating elisa yao

In next week's episode, Bambi will probably have some explaining to do after she wasn't feeling the love from her man, and claimed that's why she never told him she did a music video with the new artist.

Hopefully their relationship won't end up bitter like Scrappy and Erica's!

[sic] He added, "She's mad cause all the lies she told didn't work in court so she's hiding in a new house and hiding my daughter and acting like I threatened her and everyone was arguing at the reunion but she went and lied to the police and my daughter is hurting because of it and I can't do nothing but wait for the judge and people can ride for my daughters mom all day long but when it comes out about what she did and how she played with my lil ones summer and time with her dad you won't be any more God bless the strong father that takes care of his kids through all the bs , I love you Emani I'm praying everyday and I shed tears and miss sleep about you all the time, you are my gift from God." Hopefully things get better between these two parents.

It seems Scrappy has a lot going on with his child, his baby mama, and his girlfriend Bambi, who was spotted getting close with another man named Laudie!

Scrappy wants Erica to talk to the child support folks, so he can get the TV money he’s working for. Mona told the cast they can bring on their ex-girlfriends, and that’s what Scrappy did.

Erica didn’t know when Mona was filming Scrappy and Buckeey’s scenes.

It is also known that Stevie J is the person who helped Joseline become the woman that she is now.

Everyone on the show is aware of Joseline’s past and can not speak of it due to their contract with VH1.”Now Straight Fromthe A believes that Joseline used to be a guy, but she isn’t so sure that this source has the right information.

Read it and see what you think:“Today I spoke to a reliable source that was a stylist for one of the female artists that quit the show before it aired.

Erica hasn’t received money from Scrappy in five-years.

She’s the only girl on the show with a regular job.

star is calling out his baby mama claiming that she's "petty" for not allowing him to see his daughter, Emani Richardson.

MStars News previously reported that the former couple set their issues aside to celebrate the 10th birthday of their child in last Monday's episode, but now it seems all those smiles are now back to drama and fights over their daughter.

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