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In the bizarre footage, the 72-year-old can be seen appearing to make a cutting gesture across a friend’s neck as he kneels on the sand.

The clip, which was posted on Lancaster’s Instagram page but has now been deleted, begins by showing a group of people trekking across the sand dunes in a line.

After seeing her with the group at a trendy Hollywood nightspot, journalist Ethlie Ann Vare commented that Ali looked "as out of place as a dairymaid in a brothel." Ali received a degree in social science, politics and sociology from University College Dublin in 1989 at age 28, giving birth to the couple's first daughter, Jordan, two weeks before her final exams.

She saw children with no possessions and at risk of death; despite this, to her they appeared more spiritually alive than those in Ireland who had material comforts but seemed spoiled and spiritually unaware.

It then shows them frolicking in the dunes, trying to balance and rolling down the slope.

Sir Rod, dressed in a white shirt and sunglasses, can then be glimpsed talking to another man who kneels in front of him.

Hot Press magazine wrote that Hewson had "obvious gifts as a presenter, which include a sense of quiet compassion that draws forth the best from the people she talks with." Another reviewer said that the documentary was very effective until she started speaking.

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The singer has apologised for his actions and insisted he was just “larking” about before his performance at an arena concert in the capital of the United Arab Emirates and reenacting a , we were simply larking about pre-show,” Sir Rod said in a statement sent to The Independent.Raised in Raheny, she met her future husband at a young age at Mount Temple Comprehensive School and married him in 1982.She was awarded a degree in politics and sociology from University College, Dublin (UCD), in 1989.she went to blighted, high-radiation exclusion zones in Belarus for three weeks to narrate part of Black Wind, White Land.The 1993 Irish documentary, shown on RTÉ, highlighted the plight of fallout victims of the Chernobyl event.

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