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Some of the newer hentai/bishojo game additions to the site include Snow Sakura (a visual novel style game) and Princess Waltz (part card game, part dating sim), and JList is also accepting preorders for the visual novels Cosplay Academy and Family Project.JList is also still having a game sale on select hentai/bishojo PC dating games. If you buy two games, you get a Hirameki game free. Some other famous adult visual novels include To Heart, Air, Fate/stay night, Kanon, Welcome to Pia Carrot, Tsukihime, Nanatsuiro Drops, Shuffle! There were some non-adult releases of these games though, like in the case of Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.2 (GBC), Air (PC, Dreamcast, PS2), Kanon (PC, Dreamcast, PS2, PSP) and Nanatsuiro Drops (DS).It was a fairly standard RPG, except to forge stronger and better weapons, you’d have to go on dates with, and raise the affections of, the female characters in your party.Due to the way the game was made, the dating as an intrical part of the game experience.Some of the Love Hina video games also were more interactive.Even the [email protected] series could fall into this category, since you’re trying to make the idols you’re working with your friends so they’ll be better performers.

But those aren’t the only kind of dating sim style games in Japan.But, they do represent both a large and popular division of dating video games for guys.Most often, these 18 hentai games are released in PC format.In fact, there are likely far more dating sims geared towards guys available than there are ones for girls.So, this week Important Importables is going to briefly look at some of the Japanese dating sim games released for guys.

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