Friends recommend dating

All the bits and pieces that are typically seen on dating apps – such as profile pictures or descriptions – are in the hands of your wingman or wingwoman.During an interview with Wilson explained that the app was inspired by her own experience of being single while most of her friends who were already paired off tried to pull her into the world of online dating.The idea behind the site is that you join, mingle with new people, make friends and meet their connections.You can also have a bunch of friends join to meet new people and scour others' connections to find a potential love match for you or themselves.So if you want to be the greatest matchmaker of all, it definitely doesn't hurt to try to make an effort.

Since your profile information is already there, it doesn't take long to get started.But when the going gets tough, you can always rely on your friends, especially with the genius new dating app Wingman, which allows your friends to pick the dates for you!Created by London-based Tina Wilson, Wingman isn't exactly a dating, but more of a matchmaking app.If you want to reach out to someone on the site, all communication is free.If you're the bold type, you can broadcast updates that go to everyone who meets your criteria on the site.

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