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France had also, before 1882, obtained possession of other Territories in Africa. It has this day been agreed between His Highness Sayyid Khalifa, Sultan of Zanzibar, and George S.

It was also recorded in the Convention of 1817 that Portugal declared that she had retained her rights over Molembo and Cabinda on the Western Coast of Africa from 5° 12' to 8° S. Pepresentatives from the Congo Free State, Pussia, Turkey, and Zanzibar, also attended this Conference, and on the 2nd July, 1890, the Plenipotentiaries signed a General Act, known as the Brussels Act," in which its deliberations were also fully recorded. 2, Pall Mall East, London (hereinafter called the Company), of the one part, and Thomas Catalani, Charge d'Affaires for His Majesty the King of Italy iu London, for and on behalf of the Royal Italian Government, of the other part : Brava, Menrka, Magadisho, and Wars Jieikh. And whereas by Concession, dated the 31st day of August, 1889, the Sultan of Zanzibar, with (as therein stated) the concurrence of the British Government, thereby granted a lease of his possessions to the Company on the following conditions, namely : — [Here follow the words of the Agreement between Great Britain and Zanzibar of 31st August, 1889 (No. * See Concession from Sultan of Zanzibar to British East Africa Com- pany of 4th March, 1890, p. France has also long held Territorial Possessions in Africa. "Wanga to Kipini.] His Highness, who shall, in conjunction with the Company, agree their respective accounts at the close of each year. Previous to 1882, various disputes had arisen between the British and French Governments respecting the occupation of Territories on the West Coast of Africa, over which they each maintained that they had, by Treaties with Native Chiefs, acquired sovereign and other important- rights. refer to " Hertslet's Treaties " and " State Papera " respectively. In the prejjaration of the present work the same arrange- ment has been followed (as far as it has been found practic- able to do so) as was adopted in the preparation of the former work : the Documents being arranged, first in alpha- betical order of Country, and then in their chronological order. 30), re- garding the Benadir ports granted by His Highness Seyyid Ali to the Imperial British East Africa Company, is hereby modi- fied by mutnal consent, in so far as that Concession relates to the Islands of Lai QU, Manda, Patta, &c., as well as to the port and territory belonging to Kismaya. 26), the sum of 80,000 dollars annually, by quarterly payments, in advance, of 20,000 dollars each, the same to come into operation on and after the 1st June, 1891, this sum to cover absolutely and etitirely all and every payment now or hereafter to be made by the Company to His Highness the Sultan on any account what- ever, save only such payments as may become due to His High- ness on the founder's share held by His Highness. The favourable reception which was accorded to my " Map OF Europe by TPt EATY," on its publication in 1875, has em- boldened me to undertake, with the sanction of Her Majesty's Government, another work of the same description, entitled " The Map of Africa by Treaty," with the object of showing- how, by Treaty, Conquest, or Cession, or under the name of a Protectorate, European Powers have succeeded, at dif- ferent times, in obtaining a footing in various parts of the African Continent, and how those occupations have been greatly extended during the last few years ; in other words, to enable all those who are interested in the develop- ment of Africa to examine for themselves the Title Deeds by which each Foreign Power maintains its right to the Possessions which it holds, or to Territory which it occupies, or claims influence over, in that part of the world. The Imperial British East Africa Company to pay as rental to His Highness the Sultan for the above coast-line and all the islands embraced therein, extending from the port of Wanga to that of Kismayu, both inclusive, under the conditions detailed in the Concession of the 9th October, 1888 (No. Company not to put fonvard or to p7-ess, during lifetime of present Sultan, any claim to commute Annual Payment for a Lump Sum^ In consideration of the afore-mentioned modification of the Concession referred to, the Company bind themselves, during the lifetime, of the present Sultan, His Highness Seyyid Ali- bin-Said, not to put forward or to press any claim to commute their annual payment for a lump sum paid down, save on the request or initiative of His Highness the Sultan, or with the consent and approval of Her Majesty's Cover nment. Witness to His Highness the Sultan's signature : C. Euan-Smith, Colonel, Her Majesty's Agent arid Consul-General.

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