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Debugger was executing each line of code twice and thrice in this event.

I almost mad to figure out that what i am doing wrong. I created a column in event receiver name "Approved by".

I’ve created a form library and added the OOTB approval workflow on it. Also the code executed twice, First time fired by logged account then Outcome is null Second time fired by system account then Outcome field return a value. Do you have any other approach to test the event receiver whether attached one time or twice.

I performed some operation when the workflow is approved or rejected by using the below item updated event receiver code and its working fine if execute the code asynchronously.

To avoid this, we can disable the event firing before updating the List Item on the Event Receiver.

And when an "Item Updating" event runs second time, means under the user who is actually login, then it works perfectly and also your code works as i needed.

The following procedure needs to be followed to disable event firing on a list item update.

Rauf Ab on Mon, Hello all, I have created a form library and an event receiver on it.

I face strange behavior when i debug the following code. Update(); line of code it again start debugging from the first line of code. if i am missing something in the code that is the cause of this behavior please correct it.

Or please suggest me to avoid this problem, Thanks in advance.

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