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Major revisions cannot be made without starting the whole process again.Due to the fast nature of the publication process, we do not make proofs of accepted papers available to authors for checking prior to publication.Review process All manuscripts are sent out for review by independent experts in the field, and the decision made by the editors is based on these reports.To maintain the speed of publication, reviewers are permitted to make a binary decision without providing comments to authors, and we are therefore not normally able to provide authors with feedback on rejected manuscripts, or give any opportunity for revision.Please note, submissions which are over the maximum allowed length or formatted incorrectly will be returned immediately to authors for revision.Submission format Submissions to now accepts manuscripts which are up to four columns in length. If you are submitting in La Te X, you need to provide a PDF as well as the La Te X source file, and all source images.It is important to format submissions in accordance with ' house style.Following the presentation guide below will ensure that submissions will move straight to reviewing stage.

Authors should complete all relevant fields in the manuscript upload page.

Each accepted manuscript is checked using copy-editors and proofreaders.

Please ensure that all information within your manuscript is correct on submission, paying particular attention to the following: There will not be an opportunity to revise your paper if it is accepted.

Permissions Please make sure that any permissions you may require for text or figures are cleared before publication.

If you unable to clear the permissions under the same licence you wish to use for your paper, please include the permissions copyright statement under any relevant figures.

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