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I try to hit my macro numbers every day and I love logging into the app (I use My Fitness Pal) and putting in the meals before I eat them.

It just makes me feel so good that I'm making strides toward feeling my best.

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I also want D7 (my "Tiered Question") to trigger hide/unhide for rows 8 and 9 ("Follow-up Q"s), and D14 (Tiered) to trigger rows 15, 16, 17, (Follow up) and on and on through my 350 row sheet. I received help from a friend and wanted to share the solution--below.

What started as a very physical thing (I wanted to feel and look my best for this photoshoot) has turned into something much deeper - I want to be balanced, and feel as good as I can.

Throughout this process, I've learned that it's really all about balance - at least for me - and in order to feel my best, the following things need to be in check: When those things are all balanced, then I feel amazing.

Sorry I didn't articulate better, but my issue is that I want D4 to trigger hide/unhide for Rows 5 and 6 as just one example.

Hidden = False End If End If End Sub Thanks Callum DA33.

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