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Twin Peaks Collectible Card Art are cards released by Star Pics in 1991 during the original run, containing information about Twin Peaks. Of the two diaries that exist, everyone seems to be interested in The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer.

They were also released as an image gallery feature in the 2007 DVD box set, Twin Peaks: Definitive Gold Box Edition. On her twelfth birthday, Laura received her diary as a gift from her parents and wrote her first entry that evening.

' Michael appeared on season eight of the Bachelorette, where he fought for the heart of Miss Maynard with 25 other men.

He made it to the fourth episode, tying for 11th place.

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Well, he's more of a man than I considering I'm a woman, but you get the idea. 17, No dad, no mom, used to be part of boy's group that he grew out of and now off to live on his own? ) which leaves Ben cold until a heartwarming and obviously fake email saying Hunter's okay.

Blame: Julia Roberts step-sister Nancy Motes committed suicide last February.

In her final note she wrote, 'I burst into tears every morning b/c (because) I wake up.

Brian "Easley" (blecch) won the boning bet and threw in a lot of really great one-liners in the process. Hopefully for Michael this means the "dry spell" is over.

Brandon, not quite as fugly as before I might add, accepted defeat defiatnly, but graciously. Emmett thinks he has a stalker, but it ends up being Drew Boyd.

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