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On the whole, Airtime video chats seem to be better quality than those on Google , and about on par with a Face Time call over a decent connection.

The service claims that it needs 1.5 Mbps minimum bandwidth to operate, but it seems to adapt accordingly to however fast or slow your connection may be.

Napster co-founders Shawn Fanning and Sean Parker today announced Airtime, a web-based video chat service that's effectively the same thing as Chatroulette, but connected to Facebook.

Since Airtime is connected to your online identity on Facebook, the company runs less of a risk of abuse by naked guys — the reason Chatroulette took a nosedive in usage.

Gaming sites only appeal to hardcore gamers, which can be testified to by Little Big Planet sales.

That game was ALL over the internet, but the sales haven’t been all that great (at least, according to various reports).

So take a look at the video, give a try and let us know if you have any questions. I have also used video chat, forgetting that I was half naked once.

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It's simple to report someone as abusive if they start stripping or cursing at you, and since Airtime is tied to your Facebook account (and not an IP address), the company will have a much easier time moderating and banning users.If you want to narrow down your the service's random people matching engine, you can check boxes like "Friends of Friends" to only get matched with people with whom you have a mutual friend.You can also narrow things down by your current city, as well as by your interests on Facebook.Airtime, like many other services launching recently, requires only a Facebook account, a browser with Adobe Flash, and a webcam to work.The service's user interface is composed of three panes: the leftmost pane contains video of you, the middle pane contains the person you're chatting with, and the rightmost pane is a familiar-looking buddy list that includes everybody you're friends with on Facebook.

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