Plesk disk usage not updating

It is important to make sure that the server does not fully run out of disk space.

If it does, the services running in the server will quit working, and some of the database tables could even become corrupted.

[email protected] [~/support]# find /backup -type d -name accounts -print0 | xargs -0 du -sch | sort -h 4.0K /backup/2017-07-02/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-03/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-04/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-05/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-06/accounts 4.0K /backup/2017-07-07/accounts 4.0K /backup/monthly/2017-07-01/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-06-25/accounts 4.0K /backup/weekly/2017-07-02/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-01/accounts 5.0G /backup/monthly/2017-06-15/accounts 10G total In this case, a Remote Destination was configured, and later the server was configured not to retain the backups locally.

The backups that were already present before that were not removed, but all subsequent ones were deleted from the server after successful transfer to the remote destination.

Although we do create our own backups of the VPSs, there are multiple reasons it is important not only for you to create your own backups as well, but also to keep at least one of the copies offsite.

On a c Panel server, it is strongly recommended to enable all of the following settings in WHM at If your server has mailman enabled, it is also strongly recommended to enable "Include mailman in disk usage calculations" in the "Mail" section of "Tweak Settings".

In Direct Admin or Plesk servers, it is recommended to have similar or equivalent configurations enabled where possible.

This is yet another reason to use mod_ruid2 (or, if this is not possible, suphp) so that the site files will be correctly owned by the c Panel user.

It is strongly recommended to keep an eye on how much disk space the server is using, to help ensure it does not completely fill up its disk.

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