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Here, the character best known for shouting "Off with their heads!

" is a teen monarch-in-waiting in a surreal kingdom (croquet games, birds running amok, and other baggage from the original story) steeped in murderous intrigue and marital infidelity.

Beheadings, dismemberments, stabbings, torture, imprisonments, and other violence are constant.

While some villain-origin tales evoke empathy and offer insight into their central character, Princess Dinah's occasional relatable moments (her fondness for her mad brother, her longing for her unloving father's approval, her struggles to stay alive) aren't enough to set her apart from the horrific world into which she was born.

Women need to feel like there’s some man out there that really cares and will speak to them through song.”Adds Maxwell, who just completed a 25-date tour on behalf of his album, “This is a bucket list situation for me, something we’ve been trying to bring together because our audiences are each other’s.

Singer Ro James, the newcomer behind the R&B hit single "Permission," will join the duo as a special guest. For many fans, this pairing of two of New York’s and R&B/soul’s finest no doubt represents a perfect match that’s been way too long in coming, which Maxwell and Blige readily acknowledge. Blige to Appear on ' How to Get Away with Murder'“Maxwell is a man that we need as women,” says Blige, who coined the tour’s name.

Dinah's loyal servants warn her that some of her thoughts, voiced aloud, will get her beheaded.

Guards joke about having sex with female prisoners "to take their minds off the torture." A child and his loyal servants are murdered.

The entire Wonderland environment, with plotting, court intrigue, literal and figurative backstabbing, torture, dismemberment, and beheadings as regular features, is so toxic that it's hard for any goodness or innocence to survive.

Struggling to survive in this environment where she's lived since birth, in a privileged but perilous position, Dinah longs for her murderous father's love and swoons for her childhood BFF -- but doesn't hesitate to put him in danger for her own ends.

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