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it would have been good if in-game will allow for a full performance or something .be next release .not because the fact that i am a porn addict ( yes I am I like porn etc ) but because the game would benefit enormously for a 360' freedom , intended also as sex contents they could sell an uncensored version for that I'm sold on Yakuza , always been one of my fav series along Shenmue , they're working on making it the best virtual real-life feeling story driven game available on the planet but still need some more contents and ideas . I expect that when Yakuza pushes some boundaries ( i.e.If that's as far as it gets with the girl, the game's a pass for me... But seriously, I don't recognize Kazuma Kiryu in Ryuu ga gotoku 6 (Yakuza 6), his face has changed somehow.That man isn't the same man I played with in Yakuza 3 (or the demos of 4 or 5), the facial features just aren't exactly the same anymore, and I seem to be the only one noticing.PSVR good implementation next release ) it will make more developers into designing this kind of stuff and games .Even though it's one of my most expected game at moment I think for western is still quite very niche .Naughty Dog, for all the genius that flows through the veins of those guys, did the same thing with Nathan Drake's face in Uncharted 2, he didn't look the same as in Drake's Fortune, ans they altered his face again in Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.Thankfully he seems to be back to normal in A Thief's End, though.

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Although it takes a special commitment and bond to make these relationships last, you can make the time go by quicker until you’re reunited. Make a naughty coupon book Get out your markers and paper and get ready to be crafty with a twist.

Since Yakuza 2, the series has retained it's Japanese-only language track with English subtitles.

Thank God SEGA is bringing over Yakuza Kiwami so I can finally finish the first game in Japanese.

The website has a constant stream of news that aren't clickbait at all. You know, in my experience, the only ones that make these kind of comments are virgins. Now, you might not realize this, but once you grow up and have sex with a nice young lady, your desire to see boobs and naked women doesn't just "disappear". I'm in a steady relationship, and am pretty happy about my sex life. Jaw if you knew anything about the game or cared to read the title fully and comprehend it, you'd know that this is a minigame.

It just so happens that the ones that are clickbait get on n4at lightning speed. Gotta play this game when my parents aren't home right guys? But as a guy, I never get bored of sex, and I never get bored of boobs or naked women, I still get turned on by breasts and the female form, even when it's digital. Meaning, there is a whole storyline and game outside of it.

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