Sikh and muslim dating politics and online dating

Submitted by PRINCESSSIKH (United Kingdom), Feb 2, 2008 at It was not until a couple of weeks later, that some one kept ringing my house number, anonymous caller, and my gran, bless her, would go over to answer the phone, but no reply. He wanted us to meet up again, he wanted to know how we were? I got to know "Abs" over the next couple of months, we would arrange, the best times for him to call me, it was exciting, no one knew about him, I felt needed and loved. He drove a really nice car and worked for his uncle, in I. It got to a stage were we would meet up in the middle of the night, I would sneak out of my house, he would pick me up at the bottom of my street, and we would go everywhere together I was loving every minute of it and every time we would not see each other, I felt like dying I was truly in love with him.

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But I could not help it, he loved me, I loved him, and I kept reminding myself, he was different, and all those good times we had during the start of our relationship.

I was duped, I knew nothing about Sikhism, my parents never told me, and I never learnt anything at the Gurdwara, never understood what the Granthi's were saying. We then decided to get married, but he said we should go to Pakistan to do that, because his sisters were there, and they were all dying to meet me! I would like to say something before I continue, what I am about to tell you, is no exaggeration in any way, this is exactly how it happened, and the metropolitan police are well aware of it.

Whilst I was on the flight over to Pakistan, I was so excited, I was finally going to get married to the love of my Life, I never thought about my family or friends, as I had everything I ever needed through him.

Finally, a middle aged man came over and started to ask me personal questions. I became ill, I was very weak, a doctor was called, he gave me some medicine, with which all I did was sleep.

I had trouble understanding what he was saying, he spoke so fast, in Urdu. He said "Yasseen has gone", those three words stopped my heart beating, I was alone in a remote village in Pakistan, with no belongings and locked up a room. The next thing I remember was, when I woke up in a room, with a small barred window, and a small door.

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