Susan bozic dating portfolio

Bozic's character's dates a male mannequin and, through her photographs, we follow the couple from courtship and meeting the family to intimacy.

Bozic reflects on consumer society's pursuit of happiness and the good life while referencing the internet dating phenomenon by staging dates with someone a little bit "different." Her project merges the optimism of movie-star promotional photographs with questions about both the tradition of courtship and its current state.

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On some level Bozic may be living out a virtual fantasy but the plastic man and the rented life expose obligation in utopia.

The Dating Portfolio reflects a similar aesthetic of pristine artificiality, but the gothic romanticism of her previous work is replaced by undertones of self-mocking humor resulting in what Bozic calls “The Club Med Look.” In the series, Bozic was able to continue her explorations of fabricated worlds first inspired by her work with the theatre and cinema.

But, by including herself in the tableaux, Bozic gives up a measure of control over the final image and further evolves as an artist.

When the absolute becomes less than human it may be time for a reevaluation of personal criteria.

A completely controlled existence forms a hollow shell without memories that graduate to experience.

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