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Despite challenges of selling sex, the income generated from sex work at the US–Mexico border allows many women to create new lifestyles.

Sex work is used as a strategic means to realise a project of self-actualisation, which is linked to the desire for economic well-being and upward social mobility.

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No formal interviews were, however, conducted in those venues.

Individuals’ lives and work projects are to become personal projects of self-making (Rose 1999; Salecl 2004; Lemke 2008), which are to be entrepreneurial (Bröckling 2005) and geared towards productivity in correspondence with current market demands, as well as towards efficiency.

This article shows how the aspirations of female sex workers in Tijuana have become intertwined with the neoliberal appeal to consumption-centred self-creation.

Liberal techniques of governance began to focus on the generation of a population of subjects that were bound to economic paradigms in their thought and behaviour.

A crucial component of neoliberal governmentality is its use of the capacities of subjects to achieve its purposes and goals (Lorey 2006).

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