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We’d both read the same book at the same time and then compare our views and reactions to it in our letters.I really enjoyed writing to him and I like to think that our correspondence made his existence on death row a little more bearable and less isolated.Sadly, his appeals ran out, his time came and he was executed by lethal injection.I still have a collection of his letters that were written around 12 years ago, including the last one he sent me the night before he was put to death, in which he thanked me for my friendship and support.In general, I’m all in favour of anything that provides prisoners with a window on the outside world and a bit of normality in what can be a very dark, depressing and loveless environment.Having a regular correspondent can also improve cons’ writing skills, as well as their motivation to learn.He was an entertaining correspondent and I did learn quite a lot about the US penitentiary system from him.

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I’ll share it because I think this is an instructive story of the sort that will be familiar to anyone who has served a jail sentence, but which may come as something of a surprise to those who haven’t had any direct experience of prisons or prisoners.

The writer of the letter explains that she made the decision to break up with her then partner who is serving a lengthy stretch inside and told him this during a visit.

She goes on to observe that her ex recently informed her in a letter that he has now met another woman who has become his penfriend.

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