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To keep on going Since you’ve gone Is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.

I wear a mask from day to day and try to cope in my own way.

Again his email address is ([email protected]) SPECIALIZED IN THE FOLLOWING SPACE. She was a kind, compassionate young woman and one of my greatest joys.

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Her children were well loved by their momma, and now that she is gone there will always be a part of our hearts missing. Though she would have wanted us to be happy and not cry at her loss it’s impossible. To Kristen, my beautiful cousin, I hope you have found your peace and happiness up above me in your new forever home. Wayne, New Jersey, United States October 23 is a day I will always remember as that is the morning I found that my son had hung himself.

He was addicted to heroin, he had just lost his license for a dwi and his girlfriend of 14 years broke up with him.

I will miss you til we meet again, and long for you each day til then.

There’s now a hole no one can fill, In my heart —I Love you Still! Australia My husband i lost on July 10, 2017 I spoken with him from 12p- p not knowing that was the last conversation that i would ever have with him…

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